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TURMERIC + CARROT fresh carrot juice, ginger, and calendula

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A whopping scoop of turmeric powder, CO2 extracted turmeric oil, steam distilled carrot seed oil, real ginger essential oil, fresh organic carrot juice and organic calendula infused oils... seriously could it get any better? I think not. A punch of red Hawaiian sea salt contrasts beautifully on top of these naturally and richly colored orange bars.

A luxurious essential oil blend including ginger, turmeric, carrot seed, orange, lemongrass, and more!
Organic carrot juice
Powdered turmeric root
Organic calendula infused oils
Local, ethically sourced beeswax from Austin, TX beekeepers

Earthy and sweet like carrots and turmeric, with a depth from the ginger and lemongrass, all brightened up by the orange and lemon essential oils. It smells like a delicious, gingery, earthy, yet sweet carrot juice blend or carrot soup (and in my opinion kinda like iced tea..).

saponified organic-calendula-infused vegetable oils (organic coconut, sweet almond, organic babassu, organic shea butter, kokum butter, castor), organic carrot juice, essential oil blend, beeswax, turmeric powder, red alaea sea salt, organic calendula petals.

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