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SPRING SHOWERS gold marble lavender lemon essential oils

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The marbled soap this season is a gentle blue gray embellished with ribbons of gold. The design on this large soap symbolizes the rainy spring season with moments of bright sunshine peeking through the gray days. It's a celebration of the overcast, rainy days as they foreshadow the explosion of natural growth in our plants but also our lives!

Lavender lemonade! A precious blend of Bulgarian lavender, may chang (litsea cubeba - has a sweet candy-like citrus scent), and lemon essential oils.

Bulgarian Lavender essential oil
May chang (litsea cubeba) essential oil
Lemon essential oil
Organic fats - plant butters and oils
Local Austin beeswax from a sustainable apiary

Saponified plant oils (organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, kokum butter, castor oil), lavender essential oil (lavandula augustifolia and lavandula officinalis), lemon essential oil (citrus limonum), may chang essential oil (litsea cubeba), beeswax, sodium citrate, mica colorant.

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