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POPPY FIELD poppy seed cherry almond soap

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Poppies are my (Bee) favorite flower. After I made this soap a random poppy poppy-ed up in our front yard! WTH? No one on our street has poppies in their yards so I have no idea where it came from... but pretty cool, huh? I guess I planted it with my MIND.

Anecdotes aside - Red Poppy soap was hand painted using squeeze bottles and liquid soap batter. I HAD TO add poppy seeds and so I did, just to the bottom of the bars so you can get that nice exfoliation massage. Their smaller size makes them a great hand soap or little gift. They are scented in that classic maraschino cherry scent AKA almond extract AKA marzipan AKA bitter almond AKA cherry almond... whatever you want to call it, they smell AMAZING and very strong!

Think almond extract, marzipan, bitter almond, and maraschino cherries!

Poppy seeds
Organic fats - plant butters and oils
Local Austin beeswax from a sustainable apiary

Saponified plant oils (organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, kokum butter, castor oil), fragrance, citric acid, beeswax, mica colorant, titanium dioxide, poppy seeds

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