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NIGHT SKY facial superfatted soap for acne-prone skin

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Formulated specifically for those struggling with oily, acne-prone skin, this mini bar is loaded with activated charcoal and soothing calendula flowers. It is lightly speckled with skin and eye (and Earth) safe silver and gold mica stars which will wash away within the first couple of uses.

Organic calendula infusion - soothes inflammation and reduces redness
Activated charcoal - binds to dirt, oil, and other impurities hanging out on your skin
Lemon essential oil - highly cleansing and anti-bacterial

Rose lemonade! This soap is delicately scented with rose absolute and lemon essential oil.

Make sure to pair this bar with a natural moisturizer. Activated charcoal is super good at removing oil from your skin, but even oily skin needs moisture!
Because this is a facial bar it is formulated with a high superfat and soft oils, so it is softer than most soaps; please make sure to keep it on an appropriate soap dish

saponified vegetable oils (organic extra-virgin olive, organic coconut, organic shea butter, rice bran, calendula-infused safflower, castor), pure essential oils (lemon, litsea cubeba, rose absolute), activated charcoal, mica

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