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FOREST NATIVE patchouli pine naturally colored + scented

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This patchouli and pine bar is not only completely naturally scented, but the rich crimson color comes from plants! Madder root and alkanet root to be exact.

Essential oils including dark, aged patchouli
Madder root
Alkanet root
Organic colloidal oatmeal
Organic vitex berries
Organic rosemary leaves
Activated charcoal
Organic ground coffee

Earthy and hippy. Patchouli and a spicy pine essential oil blend.

saponified vegetable oils (organic coconut, sweet almond, organic shea butter, organic babassu, kokum butter, castor, organic olive), essential oil blend, local beeswax, madder root, organic oat flour, alkanet root, organic vitex berries, organic rosemary leaves, activated charcoal, mica, organic ground coffee, iron oxide.

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