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FEELIN' PINE exfoliating oat, coffee, beeswax, charcoal tea tree soap

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The scent of this bar is composed of 12 all-natural essential oils including pine, tea tree, cedarwood, benzoin, and black spruce. Also added is organic colloidal oat meal to soothe skin, local Austin beeswax, and organic hand-ground rolled oats and organic ground coffee for gentle exfoliation. Topped with super cool pyramid-shaped black salt crystals.

12 different essential oils
Organic colloidal oatmeal
Organic hand-ground oats
Organic coffee grounds
Activated charcoal
Beeswax from a sustainable apiary

Top notes of pine, rosemary, and cinnamon, rounded out by clove, tea tree, and benzoin. Anchored by patchouli, black pepper, and frankincense.

saponified vegetable oils (organic coconut, organic olive, organic babassu, organic shea butter, kokum butter, castor), essential oils, organic colloidal oatmeal, organic rolled oats, organic coffee grounds, beeswax, sodium citrate, mica, activated charcoal, iron oxide

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