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DRAGON'S BLOOD patchouli vanilla superfatted soap

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This soap is made with real dragon's blood! (Resin from dragon palms... not the mythical beast.) Dragon's blood incense is traditionally used to protect one from negativity and cleanse energy. It is also used medicinally in a wide variety of applications. In this soap, it adds exfoliation and visual interest. The bar is drizzled delicately with liquid golden lustre.

Dragon's blood resin powder
Patchouli essential oil
Beeswax - ethically sourced from local Austin, TX beekeepers

Scents of vanilla, cinnamon, labdanum, and sandalwood dance with a big dose of dark patchouli essential oil to capture the scent of this famous incense.

saponified vegetable oils (organic coconut, organic olive, organic shea butter, kokum butter, castor), fragrance, dark patchouli essential oil, sodium citrate, beeswax, dragon blood resin, mica, black iron oxide

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