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COCOANOAT unscented cocoa butter, coconut milk, oat BIG BAR

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Because I love this soap so much I made it 50 percent bigger!!

How to say it: "coco-note". I mixed the star ingredients together to come up with this silly soap name: Cocoa butter, coconut milk, and organic colloidal oatmeal - Cocoanoat is rich in cocoa butter and loaded with organic colloidal oatmeal for skin soothing. Real coconut milk adds a luxurious superfat. This bar has been left unscented to let the natural white chocolate aroma of the cocoa butter shine. No added fragrance or essential oil means it is an excellent bar for sensitive or irritated skin, plus colloidal oatmeal is famous for skin soothing!

This time it's also wrapped in a super beautiful paper with silver foiling handmade in Nepal!

Cocoa butter
Organic colloidal oatmeal
Pure coconut milk

A very gentle yet delicious scent of white chocolate and oatmeal.

saponified plant oils (organic coconut, organic olive, sweet almond, unrefined cocoa butter, kokum butter, castor), local beeswax, pure coconut milk, organic colloidal oatmeal.

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