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CHARCOAL & SEAWEED natural fragrance free superfatted soap

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Activated charcoal and seaweed do wonders for oily skin! (See below.) This all-natural bar also contains cleansing citrus oils that add a sweet scent. It does have a slight sea-weedy smell but that just reminds you of all the skin-loving goodness packed into this palm-sized bar soap.

Benefits of activated charcoal
  • binds to chemicals, impurities, and other toxins and brings them to the surface to be washed away
  • shrinks pores by removing dirt and bacteria
  • dries up excess oil
  • treats acne by killing bacteria
Benefits of seaweed
  • Anti-inflammatory which helps reduce and soothe acne, rosacea, and rejuvenate skin
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals

If using this soap on your face, make sure to pair it with a natural moisturizer. Activated charcoal is super good at removing oil from your skin, but even oily skin needs moisture!

Because this is a facial bar it is formulated with a high superfat and soft oils, so it is softer than most soaps; please make sure to keep it on an appropriate soap dish.

saponified vegetable oils (extra-virgin olive, organic coconut, shea butter, rice bran, castor), pure essential oils (lemon, litsea cubeba, tangerine), activated charcoal, powdered seaweed, titanium dioxide

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