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Product care

Give your products their longest life

Handmade products need to be given special care to make them last as long as they can and to get the best use out of them. See instructions and tips below for each product category.

Bar soaps
  • Bar soaps should be kept as dry as possible. Leaving bar soap in a stream or puddle of water will significantly reduce the life of your bar as it will cause it to melt. Keep on a drying rack between uses.
  • Use a soap dish that has a lot of air flow, and at the very least drainage holes or your soap will turn to mush. Handcrafted, superfatted soap is much different than surfactant based grocery store soaps. They are much softer and contain a lot of glycerin that absorbs moisture from the air. A wire-like soap dish is best.
  • To prolong the life of your soap, do not rub the bar directly on your body, but rather on your hands or on a loofah/wash cloth to lather then onto your body. This will make the soap go further.
  • Do not leave soap in a hot car or in direct sunlight. They are made of mostly oil and can and will melt.
  • And… common sense warrants caution with use because soap makes surfaces slippery!
If you care, please share!