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about bee kind botanics

Utilizing herbal healing and all that nature has to offer, Bee Kind Botanics is passionate about creating fun-to-use skin care that is actually beneficial to our bodies and planet. Bee uses organic and natural ingredients where possible and always has the health of her clients and Mother Earth in mind when creating useable botanical art. Bee Kind Botanics focuses on sustainable, recyclable, and compostable packaging.

Bee Kind Botanics (formerly known as Bee Kind Soapery) was established in Austin, Texas in 2016 after Bee felt bored and unfulfilled at her long-term office job. She knew she needed to get her hands dirty and utilize all the creative energy building up inside of her. She also hated the feeling that she was not directly contributing to causes near and dear to her heart – environmental protection and natural medicine. An avid user of natural skin care and a soap collector (weird, we know), she noticed a need for natural soap that was actually beautiful and unique instead of the predictable look and smell of the soaps available at most local markets and grocery stores.

Bee found a love of herbs and natural healing amongst the ubiquitous use of pharmaceuticals and “quick-fixes” and makes it her priority to infuse all of her products with plant and mineral magic. She now develops, personally tests, and brings to her customers her favorite items in the most natural state available while creating joy through her creative use ingredients and packaging.

Hi, I’m Bee! I want people to be able to use safe products without any strange, toxic chemicals, yet still have fun. I have done extensive research on each and every ingredient I add to my products so that you don’t have to!

Have any questions? Shoot me a message, below.

    If you care, please share!