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SEA SPONGE all natural and gentle

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These sponges are so gentle they can be used on your face and on delicate baby skin! Each sea sponge comes with a recyclable info card containing care instructions.

Natural sea sponges are a highly renewable resource and are sustainably harvested from the sea floor. They are fully biodegradeable, hypoallergenic, and great for those with sensitive skin. these sea sponges are an amazing exfoliator for your whole body! Compared to synthetic sponges or gourd luffas, natural sea sponges last much longer, and are more absorbant, soft, and hygenic. These gentle sponges naturally contain enzymes that inhibit mold, ildew, and bacteria growth. Traces of skin-beneficial vitamins and minerals absorbed from the sea can also be found in their squishy fibers.

Size options:
The regular size sponges are 5 grams and are bigger than palm-size. This is an average size sponge and the best-selling size.
"Baby" size (3g) is smaller than palm-size and great for little ones or applying makeup.
"Big mama" size (8g) is super big and luxurious.
All sponges can be cut to preferred size.

Please note: only the default-sized sponge comes with a teal jute cord for hanging. The baby and big mamas do not have a cord at this time. Sorry!

Sudsing up your bar soap or liquid body wash
Body brushing (dry sponge)
Washing dishes
Applying makeup or other skin care (run sponge under warm water and squeeze out excess water like a normal makeup sponge)

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