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FENNEL natural and fragrance free soap

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Love it or hate it... this bar smells like sweet, sweet licorice! This all natural beauty is scented with fennel essential oil, zesty bergamot, and earthy Himalayan cedarwood, although fennel definitely steals the show. The scent of fennel helps energize you so you can get down to business! Activated charcoal is a pretty cool dude that removes impurities from your skin.

Fennel essential oil is energizing and uplifting
Activated charcoal latches onto unwanted dirt and oil molecules and washes them away

Top note of fennel with slight sweet citrus undertones and a pinch of Himalayan cedar smokiness

saponified vegetable oils (organic extra-virgin olive, organic coconut, organic shea butter, rice bran, safflower, castor), pure essential oils (fennel, bergamot, tangerine, lemon, Himalayan cedarwood), titanium dioxide, activated charcoal

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