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Caffe Latte


Caffe Latte 040

This sweet, buttery, vanilla espresso-scented bar is loaded with real coffee essential oil. Yes, that's a thing! The oil is extracted from coffee beans and smells just like a hot cuppa joe. I also made the soap with organic brewed coffee and ground coffee beans for gentle exfoliation so all the goodness of your favorite beverage are packed into this super moisturizing bar.
Coffee (the oil, ground beans, brewed) is a great anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothes aching muscles, and tightens skin.

Ingredients, 100% vegan, 98% natural: saponified vegetable oils (extra-virgin olive, organic coconut, organic shea butter, rice bran, castor), organic brewed coffee, coffee essential oil, fragrance, titanium dioxide, organic coffee grounds.

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Caffe Latte Caffe Latte Caffe Latte Caffe Latte


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