Botanical art that nourishes skin and celebrates the Earth.
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about bee kind soapery

Bee Kind Soapery was established in Austin, Texas in 2016 after Bee felt bored with the patterns and colors (or lack thereof) and predictable scents of natural, vegan soaps available at most local markets and grocery stores. She decided to take things into her own hands!

Hi, I’m Bee! I want people to be able to use safe products without any strange, toxic chemicals, yet still have fun. I have done extensive research on each and every ingredient I add to my products so that you don’t have to! You won’t look at my labels and wonder how to pronounce the ingredients because they come straight from nature… not a lab.

All colorants that I use are plant or earth based. That means I enrich my products with herbs, spices, vegetables, flowers, and clays to not only color my products but enrich them with skin-loving vitamins and minerals and make them beautiful to look at.

Have any questions? Shoot me a message, below.

If you care, please share!
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