Botanical art that nourishes skin and celebrates the Earth.

Botanical art for your skin handcrafted by a woman passionate about plants and the Earth they grow on.

natural · herbal · cruelty free · sustainable

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Bee Kind Botanic’s promise to you


• 100% vegan* and cruelty-free
• 100% biodegradable ingredients
•  Safe colorants ONLY (clays, botanicals, and micas)
• Organic ingredients used when possible
❌ NO phthalates
❌ NO palm oil
❌ NO synthetic preservatives


• Useable art made with nature
 Superfatted soap is richly moisturizing – not like other bar soaps!
Fresh botanical ingredients that actually nourish skin
• Luxury additives take your skin care routine over the top


When you buy from Bee Kind Botanics you are putting money directly into the hands of someone who truly cares about you and the Earth! This is my passion and it allows me to protect our planet, get back to nature, and create consumable art. You can ensure you’ll receive high-quality handmade products from someone that works hard and takes pride in the fact she gets to do what she loves.

*All of our products are vegan except those with honey and/or beeswax. I only use organic, unprocessed bee products sourced from ethical, local Austin-area beekeepers. By using this amazing product of nature we encourage and support local beekeepers who will truly SAVE THE BEES!

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